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As I've seen how many users have been practicing using tuneUPGRADE already, I'm excited as to how far the site has come! My mission first and foremost is to help musicians around the world practice more effectively and easily. While donations help me cover hosting and dev costs and are very much appreciated, you can also help by simply getting the word out so I can get more user feedback and continue to grow the site.

Posting about the site on social media, following on twitter, or even just telling your teacher or friends about the site can help quite a bit!

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If you prefer to donate over Patreon, you can click the "Become a Patron" button above. Even a $1/month donation can help greatly! At the moment I pay out of pocket for hosting and development costs. Dollars donated will go towards covering those costs, and if I can get past them, I can potentially implement other features that may cost more to host, or allow me to have more testing environments and tools.

Paypal Donations

If you'd like, please make a donation to help support development and hosting of the site. Any amount will help.

Any questions, comments, or feedback can be sent to [email protected]. Thanks for your support!

- Tarun, creator of tuneUPGRADE